Radiant Baseboard Heater
Through continuous research and development, RadTech 2000 Limited is proud to present our newest breakthrough into the hydronic heating market. Slimline Radiant. This revolutionary new concept, with the use of copper inlaid in an aluminium panel, will provide you with the comfort and technology of the future, in a heating system of today.
The Slimline Radiant hot water baseboard system is 130mm high x 25mm deep and provides an attractive and comfortable heating system that is not affected by furniture placement. Slimline Radiant is engineered for ease of installation. It is easy to install with conventional tools and uses readily available parts. Its sleek styling and comfort makes it in high demand.

Radiant vs. Convective Heat

Conventional hot water heating systems deliver most of their heat to a room through convection. Hot water flowing through the baseboard or wall radiators transfers heat to the surrounding air. The heated air rises up to the ceiling then cycles around in a convective loop.
Slimline Radiant, on the other hand, relies primarily on a radiant heat delivery.  Approximately 85% of the heat is delivered through radiation, with only 15% by convection.  The low-temperature radiators warm people and objects directly, rather than just simply heating the air.

The “Heat Enclosure” Principle

Slimline Radiant panels are designed around the “Heat Enclosure” principle which describes the effect and benefit achieved when using a low level radiant perimeter system that surrounds the occupants of a room.  Heat is applied in this way to provide an even temperature condition to give greater levels of comfort whilst conserving energy.

Effect and Benefit Explained

By comparing the diagrams below it can be realised that any type of local heat source eg/ radiator or fan-assisted heater, has to produce a large volume of surplus heat by convection or forced air effect to reach all areas and corners of a room.  This can result in uneven temperature distribution - typically excess heat near the heat source and close to the ceiling, with insufficient heat where you want it.
By use of the “Heat Enclosure” the expensive and wasted heat “blanket” that normally accumulates at ceiling level is eliminated and the “dried-out stuffiness” associated with conventional radiators and forced air systems is greatly reduced affording an altogether higher comfort level with less energy use, whilst producing a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Even Heat Distribution

Because convection plays such a minor role with Slimline Radiant, there is very little temperature stratification in the room.  The difference in temperature between floor and ceiling is usually no more than 1 deg C, compared to the typical 5 - 8 deg C typical with most heating systems.

The heating modules allow heat to be released in a uniform and controlled manner around the perimeter of the room, creating the desired temperature condition throughout the room from floor to ceiling and corner to corner.

You will be comfortable walking around barefoot, even in the middle of winter.  Your baby can crawl around on the floor without catching a cold.  And you won’t need a fan to blow hot air down from the ceiling.

Highest Quality Materials

 Reduced Energy Consumption

Because Slimline Radiant delivers steady radiant heat withour floor-to-ceiling stratification, you keep warm and comfortable at a lower temperature.  You will realize impressive energy savings, while keeping more comfortbale.
Manual and automatic set-back features on the thermostats will considerably reduce energy consumption at night and during periods when you are away.
You will also realize energy savings with Slimline Radiant by virtue of the room-to-room zoning. With most installations, each room is controlled by a separate thermostat.  Rooms you don’t use as frequently can be kept cooler.

Ideal for Both New and Existing Buildings

Slimline Radiant’s easy installation and superb performance make it ideal for use in older buildings as well as new.  In fact, for some hard-to-heat houses, Slimline Radiant may be the only way to achieve acceptable levels of comfort.

Adaptable to any Boiler

Slimline Radiant will operate with any boiler or hot water source.  It can be installed as either a single-loop or multi-zoned system.

Additional Advantages


Choosing Slimline Radiant

offers a premium product designed for those who demand the best - The highest level of comfort, the most attractive styling, and the greatest flexibility possible relative to interior design, can be yours today.
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